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Halima Bibi is a 17 orphan who used to stay near Thakurpukur Bazaar. She ill-treated and was nothing more than a domestic in the household. The exception was a cousin sister who tried her level best to take care of her.

One of her relation sold her to a trafficker and no one bothered to look for her. When her cousin tried to find out about her whereabouts, she was told that she was working as a domestic help in Mumbai.

What Halima suffered in Mumbai is unclear as Halima mental state currently is precarious and she has been unable to give any accounts of her days there.

She was rescued by Mumbai Police after they raided a bar in Mumbai and it is supposed that she was a bar dancer over there. She could only tell the police that she is from Thakurpukur, Kolkata. The Mumbai Police contacted Kolkata Police and she was sent back to Kolkata. The local police station could identify her residence with the help of the local people and sent her to her home. But her relatives were unwilling to give her shelter. The police through local NGO networking contacted and sent Halima to Keertika home. Since then she has been staying in this home and getting informal education. Regular counseling is being done to bring her back to normal mental health.